Hi, I am Benoît Patra, welcome to my personal blog. I am co-Founder and CTO at Keluro, a Smart Email Sharing solution. Keluro enables you to share emails with teams, find information quickly and archive messages with Keluro’s smart algorithms. It boosts workplace productivity and breaks information silos by turning email conversations into collaborative assets.  Our app helps you to distribute key messages more effectively in your organization and to archive crucial information.

My initial background is in mathematics, I hold a MSc in Probability and a PhD in Probas/Stats/Machine Learning. During my PhD, I worked for a small startup where I was dealing with machine learning problems combined with software engineering challenges. Although I was used to writing code before, I could say that this is where I got into software engineering. Before Keluro, I worked as a software architect at eFront, a french middle sized company providing (among other things) competitive BI tools for the Private Equity. For more details, I invite you to consult my LinkedIn profile. If you want to have a look on my past academic research you can also visit my personal page at LSTA-Paris VI University.

Why this blog? For now, I see this blog as a good opportunity to share some technical stuffs related to the machine learning/computer science/software worlds. However, I do not discard the thought of discussing other topics… Keeping a blog alive is also a good way for a native french speaker living in Paris to keep on writing English on a regular basis.

Apart from the interest fields that I have just mentioned I am also a sailing addict (keel boat, windsurfing, dinghies…)

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